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The Flokk herd management system

There are three parts to the Flokk herd management system:

  • The Flokk handheld
  • The Flokk herd management software, which is included in the Flokk handheld.
  • flokk.ca

Flokk handheld

The Flokk handheld is purpose built for the challenging livestock production environment.

Features of the Flokk handheld include:


No touch screen makes the device resistant to the knocks and drops that are inevitable when working outdoors with animals. The device uses sealed displays and switches so that it can be easily rinsed clean. The Flokk's design recognizes the reality of Canadian livestock production; it can be used while wearing insulated gloves.

Works standalone

The Flokk does not need an always on connection to a phone, tablet, Internet, or other computer. It can handle livestock data updates and traceability movements on it's own, recording any updates required so that they can be handed off later when an internet connection is available.

Integrated RFID tag reader

Unlike cell phones and tablets, the Flokk's RFID tag reader is entirely integrated into the device and it's software, allowing most operations to be completed single handed.

Having the RFID reader always available means the herd management program can be designed to instantly, and appropriately, respond to a scan of an RFID tag, making operations at animal side fast and accurate in situations where the animal's RFID tag can be read.

And unlike a typical RFID tag reader, the Flokk contains sophisticated herd management software, customized for local requirements, that produces records and files that are ready for your use and for transmission to other parties. Other than a spreadsheet program, no PC based software is required.

Flokk herd management software

The integrated Herd management software provides everything you need to maintain your herd records, collect vital animal information, and complete Canadian traceability reporting.

Animal side operations

Your herd's current records are always with you in your Flokk, where you can view, and update them, instantly.

Functions include:

  • collect and maintain animal records
  • collect calving records
  • record animal condition (e.g. ill, cull)
  • record the results of pregnancy testing
  • record and track animal weights
  • record herd vaccination records
  • record the administration of medications
  • record animal location (premises and pen)
  • report temporary movement of animals to, and return from, other premises (e.g. community pastures)
  • report permanent movement of animals to other premises (e.g. sale)
  • process additions, dispersals, and losses from the herd
  • record animal condition such as illness, neutering, and culling decisions
  • generate the upload files required to complete CLTS (Canadian Livestock Tracking Systems) updates

Office operations

Back in the office, you connect your Flokk to any computer with a spreadsheet program. The Flokk emulates a USB storage device, so that your herd records can be easily accessed and updated.

Your herd records are presented to you as an Excel Open XML (.XLSX) workbook file

Click on the worksheet images to view a larger version.

Using this spreadsheet you can:

  • Set up and reconfigure your Flokk
  • Access your herd records
  • Add animals and calves to the herd
  • Update animal records
  • Set up medications for administration
  • Update vaccination descriptions


The flokk.ca website offers services which you can use, or subscribe to, depending upon your particular requirements.

Handheld device maintenance

Software updates

At your request, your Flokk will update itself to the current version of it's software.

Device configuration

Wizards make initial setup, and any required configuration changes, easy.


For an annual fee, when an internet connection is available your Flokk will back up all of it's data to your personal and secure storage on flokk.ca. This will allow you to quickly return to where you left off if a Flokk handheld is lost or damaged.

Data sharing

The Flokk system enables you to quickly and accurately collect information once at the animals side, then automatically transfer it to other organizations that require information about your herd.

For a subscription fee, you will be able to send information to:

Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS)
  • Age verification
  • Livestock movement
  • CCIA tag replacement
  • Animal disposals
  • Animal sightings
Breed associations
  • Animal performance
  • Sales information
Animal transport manifests
  • Alberta LIS eManifest

Analysis and reporting

For a subscription fee, you will have access to supplementary reports and analysis tools:

  • Genealogy
  • Herd history
  • Integrated animal census and history
  • Pregnancy rate
  • Weaning rate
  • Average cow production
  • Comparative animal performance and analysis
  • Benchmarking

Multiple handheld integration

An optional service allows multiple Flokk handhelds to be used with a single herd. Updates made with each handheld are reconciled, and current herd information is made available, to each handheld, every time they are able to connect to flokk.ca.

Training and support

Flokk.ca is the comprehensive source for introductory, and in-depth, training on how to use your flokk.

Introductory tutorials are provided in written, and video, format. In-depth reference documentation is provided for reading on-line or downloading.

Flokk.ca provides a forum where you can research, and share, information on how you and others use the Flokk system, and where you can reach out to the Flokk developers with your ideas on how to make Flokk better.

What you will need

Your flokk collects and maintains herd records stand alone. It does not require data connectivity or a supporting device to collect and maintain herd records.

To configure your flokk, access your herd records, and define vaccinations and medications, you will need:

1: A computer with:

  • a spreadsheet program which can work with Excel Open XML (.XLSX) worksheet files. Either Excel version 2007 or later, or LibreOffice (which is available as a free download) 4.3 or later is sufficient.
  • a free USB 2.0 port

2: a USB A-Male to B-Male cable (USB “printer”cable), which will have been provided with your flokk.

3: Your:

  • Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) account ID. This is the eight character long account name you use to log on to the CLTS.
  • Premises ID (PID). This is the seven character code provided by the appropriate agency in your province or territory that identifies your primary premises, i.e. the premises your calves will originate from.

What it will cost

Pricing has not yet been established, but will be comparable to current herd management system offerings.

There will be flexibility in how Flokk is offered to accommodate different herd sizes and producer requirements and preferences.


The contents of this page are based on intentions and best information as of date of publication, and:

  1. provide neither an express nor implied guarantee of current nor future product functionality.
  2. provide neither an express nor implied guarantee of current nor future product pricing.
  3. are subject to change without notice.
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