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The Flokk herd management system

There are four integrated parts to the Flokk herd management system:

What you will need

A Flokk collects and maintains herd records stand alone. It does not require data connectivity or a supporting device to collect and maintain herd records.

To configure your Flokk, access your herd records, and define vaccinations and medications, you will need to either:

  1. Use the online configuation Wizard, which requires:
    • A WiFi network with Internet access. You can tether a Flokk to your phones hot spot.
    • A device that provides web browsing. A tablet is sufficient. A smart phone will work, but is not recommended.
  2. Use a computer which has:
    • A spreadsheet program which can work with Excel Open XML (.XLSX) worksheet files. Either Excel version 2007 or later, or LibreOffice (which is available as a free download) 4.3 or later is sufficient.
    • A free USB 2.0 port.
    • A USB A-Male to B-Male cable (USB “printer”cable), which will have been provided with your Flokk.
    • A WiFi network is not required to use a Flokk in this case, but you will require Internet access to receive software updates for your Flokk, and to submit events to the CLTS.

You will also need:

  • Your Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) account ID. This is the eight character long account name you use to log on to the CLTS.
  • Your Premises ID (PID). This is the seven character code provided by the appropriate agency in your province or territory that identifies your primary premises, i.e. the premises your calves will originate from.

What it will cost

Pricing has not yet been finalized, but will be comparable to current herd management system offerings.

There will be flexibility in how Flokk is offered to accommodate different herd sizes and producer requirements and preferences.

Uniquely, the Flokk hand held will be provided for outright purchase for those producers who do not wish to be committed to an ongoing service subscription.


The contents of this page are based on intentions and best information as of date of publication, and:

  1. provide neither an express nor implied guarantee of current nor future product functionality.
  2. provide neither an express nor implied guarantee of current nor future product pricing.
  3. are subject to change without notice.
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