Use the Configuration Wizard

Resources to help you learn how to use your Flokk include:

Video:Short videos that demonstrate and describe a specific topic.
Tutorial:Step by step detailed instructions with examples.
Reference:Detailed reference information.

Once you have connected your Flokk to a WiFi network, the online Configuration Wizard at is the easiest way to prepare your Flokk for use.

  1. Starting a Wizard session, and setting information about the Owner of the Flokk
    After you have started your Wizard session, the first step is to set information about the Owner of the Flokk, such as your farm name, your CLTS account id, and your address.
    • Video: Setting owner information

  2. Setting options for adding animals to the Herd
    When you add animals to your herd, you can choose what kind of "display" choices you want to have, and whether you want to record a breed, a note, and an owner for each animal.
    • Video: Adding animals options

  3. Setting calving options
    When calving, set whether you want the calf to have the same hang tag number as it's dam, whether to collect birth weights, and calving east, and whether to record a neuter events for all male calves.
    • Video: Calving options

  4. Premises
    Add the premises for calving, and for where you will receive animals from, and where you will ship animals to.
    • Video: Premises

  5. Vehicles
    Add the vehicles that will ship, and deliver, animals to your premises.
    • Video: Vehicles

  6. Medication
    Add the medications (biotics and pharmaceuticals) that you will be administering, and record what was admimistered in group medication administrations.
    • Video: Medication

  7. Herd
    Add exist animal records to the herd records on your Flokk, and update you animals records.
    • Video: Herd

  8. Complete
    Once all your changes have been made, complete the Wizard session and apply the updates to your Flokk.
    • Video: Complete
Next: Add existing animal records to your Flokks herd record.