Flokk configuration wizard

This tool lets you prepare and maintain your Flokk.

To use this Wizard to prepare your Flokk for use you must have:
  1. Access to a WiFi network that provides Internet access.
  2. Your CLTS Account ID. How to obtain your CLTS Account ID.
  3. Your premises ID. How to obtain a Premises ID.

To prepare your Flokk for use without requiring Internet access, connect your Flokk by it's USB port to a computer and edit flokk.xlsx with a spreadsheet program.

To use this Wizard: Note:

Guided operation

By default, the Wizard provides instructions that teach you how to set up and use your Flokk, and manages how you move between pages to ensure all required information is collected.

Once you are familiar with the Wizard you can turn these features off.

It is strongly reccomended you use guided operation when you are initially setting up your Flokk.

Wizard session code

The four digit number (for example, "4242") displayed on your Flokk after selecting the "Wizard" option.

For example, if your Flokk was displaying:


You would enter "4242" as the "Wizard session code", then click the "Start" button below.

Version 1.03