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Image of Flokk handheld scanning cow's rfid tag

Precision Ranching Your Way

Image of Flokk handheld scanning cow's rfid tag

Digitization that simplifies traceability, improves herd value, and captures the returns from sustainable operations.

Flokk is your rugged herdside companion.

Built by Ranchers for Ranchers

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An image of a calf with a hang tag and an RFID tag

Future-Proof Your Herd

Streamlined Traceability for Canadian Livestock Producers

The conventional methods for managing and reporting herd data - pen, paper, and manual data submission - are tedious, error-prone, and unsuited for the demands of modern agriculture. With impending regulations emphasizing the importance of timely and precise reporting, there is an urgent need for a solution that not only streamlines this process but is also tailored to the unique environment and demands of livestock production. Flokk is here to ease that transition.

Introducing Flokk

Herd management & traceability where it belongs...
at the herd.

Embrace the future of livestock management with Flokk, a user-friendly and easy-to-learn tool ready for the challenges of modern-day agriculture. While regulations shift and demands rise, we ensure your livestock production journey remains smooth, smart, and ahead of the curve.

Precision at Your Fingertips

Our in-field handheld device brings accuracy and ease to your daily operations. With precise RFID tag scanning, the ability to view and edit data on the Flokk, and real-time data syncing once in WiFi range, your herd data is always up-to-date and accessible on the Flokk and on the web.

Comprehensive Herd Management

Dive deep into your livestock’s journey with our integrated software. From preg checks, calving, weights, and medical events to logging premise movements, every detail is captured seamlessly. Flokk is the digital age of livestock record keeping, ensuring you're always in the know.

Ready for Regulatory Changes

Stay ahead of evolving regulations with Flokk by your side. Designed with adaptability at its heart, our system ensures you remain compliant and prepared, no matter what the future holds.

Key Features

RFID Scanning

The Flokk Handheld is meticulously designed to read RFID tags quickly and accurately. No more manual searching or transcribing tag IDs. A seamless scan captures everything, ensuring no animals go unrecorded.

Rugged for Rural Conditions

Built tough for Canadian livestock producers. Flokk's device works flawlessly without WiFi, can withstand the challenges of outdoor ranching, and is glove-friendly, ensuring consistent performance no matter the conditions.

Comprehensive Medication Tracking

Ensure the health and sale-readiness of your cattle with Flokk's advanced medication tracking. Log vaccines and treatments with ease, and let Flokk track the withdrawal periods. With automated alerts, you'll always know when it's safe to sell, ensuring compliance and consumer safety every step of the way.

Data Sync

Once within WiFi range, the Flokk device automatically updates your data to our secure cloud servers. No manual uploads or data transfers needed. Your herd's information is always up to date and easily accessible — or choose to manage your data manually using a spreadsheet software of your choosing and keep complete control over your data.


We understand the tight margins and financial pressures that come with livestock production. With Flokk, quality and affordability go hand in hand, ensuring every producer can benefit without breaking the bank.

Web Dashboard Insights

Dive deep into your herd's data with Flokk's intuitive web dashboard. Easily make informed culling decisions, review historical records, and utilize advanced filters to pinpoint specific animals or events.

Hear what others have to say!

We’ve been using flokk for 2 seasons now, and can honestly say its something I won’t go without moving forward. We really like the data that the device produces. No more guessing who the productive cows are. I haven’t found another product on the market at a similar price point that gives you the versatility, from calving, to moving cows out to pasture, having solid data has saved us many hours of frustration searching for lost notebooks. I’m convinced I wont be going back to the notebook anytime in the future.

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