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Flokk Handheld

Flokk Handheld device

What is it?

The Flokk Handheld is our solution for traceability and record keeping for Canadian livestock producers. It is a rugged device capable of operating in adverse conditions. It does not need WiFi or cellular connection to work, so you can bring it absolutely anywhere and it will keep up just fine.

Its compact single hand size makes it easy to use while you’re hard at work. It will fit in a jacket pocket or in your tagging box.

What can it do?

The Flokk Handheld’s RFID tag reader works with the CCIA RFID tags you already buy and apply today. No special tag is required. It is your herdside companion and is meant to be a dedicated record keeper to assist with vaccinations, weaning, and preg checks.

You can:

  • Select an animal by its Hang Tag (visual ID) when you cannot easily scan it’s CCIA RFID tag.
  • Add calving records
  • Move animals to/from the herd
  • Record animal events like medications, conditions, and preg checks

How does it work?

The Flokk Handheld uses a simple micro-computer loaded with custom software written by us. The head of the device is equipped with an RFID tag reader which feeds data into the micro-computer. Its design is resilient to sudden power outages, so should something unexpected happen your data will still be safe.

Once charging and in WiFi range, the Flokk Handheld will attempt to connect to our secure servers so it can automatically backup your data. This makes it easy to manage your information through our web portal and make regulatory report submissions as needed.

What’s next?

We have developed the prototype, iterated on it, and brought it into the field for testing. This invaluable experience has informed us on the improvements we needed to make for our production model. We are currently seeking investment to fund the engineering support we need to produce the quality version of the Flokk Handheld that you deserve.

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