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Born on a ranch in Dogpound, Alberta

Our roots are in Alberta. We grew up in and around the rural communities nestled in the foothills of the Rockies. We are very aware that for the majority of cow/calf producers raising cattle is only one aspect of your livelihood. It’s a great way to make good use of otherwise unproductive land. We know that you work hard, have families, and probably have other occupations.

Traceability doesn’t have to be hard. Sure there are fancy web dashboards available from other companies, but they are expensive and it just plain doesn’t make any sense to lug your laptop into the pasture just to record some data.

The Flokk handheld arose from the real problems that we have personally experienced. Our goal is to alleviate the nuisances of record keeping and offer a real solution. Good for the cows, good for the industry, and easy on your wallet.


Founded in 2021, the idea for Flokk came from earnest discussions between Mark and Bill. The first prototypes were soldered and built by hand in Mark’s garage. With his expertise in project management and IT solutions, Mark has been able to bring the idea to life. Jody was brought on board to coordinate in-field testing and support the rapid development of the software that runs on the handheld. In 2023, our aim is to scale our operations to be production ready. We are seeking larger financial investments so we can build a production-ready model of the handheld and improve the software that runs the device.

Meet the Team

Mark Olson


Mark is a senior manager and practitioner in project management, information technology, and …

Bill Leask

Industry Relations

Bill has spent a lifetime ranching. He is an expert in the industry and a valued member of his …

Jody Bell

Field Evaluation Manager

Jody grew up on a ranch south of Brooks and later on moved their operation near Carstairs where she …

Stéphane Dorotich

Technical Lead

Stéphane grew up in Cochrane, Alberta. From camping trips in the Rockies to afternoon hikes with his …