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Stéphane Dorotich

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I love the foothills. My roots are in Saskatchewan but I grew up in Cochrane. Camping was the summer activity of choice for my family which instilled my respect and admiration for nature. Today I love to climb, hike, and backcountry camp.

I love math. I have a knack for learning and have had the privilege to serve my community as a tutor for a decade. I’ve helped nearly 100 students in Math, Physics, and Chemistry. In my final year at UofC, I worked as a Teaching Assistant for several Computer Science courses.

I met Mark and Jody at DiscoverTechYYC 2023 and found them both forthcoming and honest. As a recent university grad looking to take my strong theoretical knowledge into the real world, I found the prospect of working at a start-up extremely appealing - even more so at Flokk because it’s a product that feels close to home.

Sure enough, Flokk has been a wonderful place. I have the trust and support of my colleagues and have learned an immense amount since joining the team - about both ranching and my field. This website has been my first major project and I have now shifted my focus to database and UX design for our core product offerings. Can’t wait for more!