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An image of virus cells.

Antimicrobial Resistance


Antimicrobial Resistance highlighted in the “2023 Reports 5 to 9 of the Auditor General of Canada”

Delivered October 19th, the “2023 Reports 5 to 9 of the Auditor General of Canada” address Antimicrobial Resistance in livestock, among other topics. Report 6 - Antimicrobial Resistance highlights that prior commitments in the domain have not been met and that better management of antimicrobial resistance is urgently required.

Addressing antimicrobial resistance requires better traceability

This is not a surprise to us. Flokk has always understood that the Rancher’s role in antimicrobial resistance remains in early days, and that enhanced antimicrobial resistance management is a key component of Flokk’s value proposition. With Flokk it is feasible to collect, share, and verify, each individual indicator and administration of an antimicrobial and include it in the animals traceability. Which provides the infrastructure necessary to incentivize good practice, should the relevant bodies choose to take concrete action rather than just nag.

Currently every industry stakeholder; sustainability certification, food safety traceability, antimicrobial resistance authorities, and financier, implement processes separately and without coordination. The result is overhead overload. Livestock producers, understandably, address pressing tasks and defer the rest.

Streamlining processes and reducing cost of participation is beneficial to every party, and key to securing the outcomes required. Flokk provides the affordable to implement, and easy to use, process consolidation solution in the herd livestock space.