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Antimicrobial Resistance


Strategy Industry Gaps

Antimicrobial resistance is an ongoing challenge that puts public health at risk. Flokk is positioned to provide the tools necessary to support traceability which will help manage antimicrobial resistance among livestock across Canada.

New Hire


Strategy Team

In September 2023, Flokk hired Stéphane to fill the role of technical lead. He is a recent graduate from Computer Science at the University of Calgary where he demonstrated excellence both in his coursework, but also by being a role model and top notch Teaching Assistant for fellow students. His thorough knowledge of networks, low-level programming languages, and the ability to synthesize information from diverse sources should prove an asset for Flokk.

The Farmer Adoption Dilemma


Strategy Research

McKinsey’s report highlights an untapped Agtech opportunity in livestock production, as it remains vastly underserved compared to crops. Regulatory changes in Canada will drive adoption. Four key strategies for Agtech adoption include personalized products, simplified customer journeys, secure data storage, and integrated solutions.